Conservation Efforts

At Hands on Exotics we are dedicated to preserving the natural habitats of the animals we work with. We recognize that it is imperative to work together with our clients and other organizations to ensure that rainforests and other habitats around the globe are preserved. To accomplish this goal we are asking clients to get involved in our recently launched recycling of batteries program.

An operation run by Canada’s Sherritt is currently heading into rainforests of Madagascar to mine nickel, a key material to the rechargeable battery. As they mine, these companies will destroy up to 1700 hectares of rainforest, eliminating the home of 14 species of lemurs.

We are hoping that, by collecting batteries, we will be able to limit the amount of mining required to create new ones and, in doing so, we will be protecting rainforests for years to come.

How Can I Help?

Join us in making the planet a better place. Bring any rechargeable batteries you wish to donate to your next Hands on Exotics event and we will take care of the rest!

Now we are doing even more to save the rainforests! Hands on Exotics is now collecting old cell phones for the Toronto Zoo’s recycling program, Phones for Apes. The Phones for Apes program collects your old cell phones to recycle tantalum. Tantalum is mined in the Former Republic of Congo and is destroying the rainforests that gorillas live in. By donating your old cellphones, we can reduce the need to mine in these rain forests. Bring your old cell phones to your next Hands On Exotics event!

Click for more information on Phones for Apes!