We at Hands on Exotics aim to create and promote a positive relationship between people and non-human animals in every way we can. We aim to do this in the following ways:

  • We adopt, rescue, or re-home animals whenever we are able to.
  • We give our animals the best care possible, exceeding industry standards, and providing them with copious amounts of enrichment.
  • We facilitate positive, fun, hands-on interactions at presentations all over the GTA.
  • We believe that the chance to touch and see animals up close, whether at a school, birthday party, or nursing home, can give people a deeper respect and appreciation for animals than seeing them in a caged, zoo setting.
  • We focus heavily on teaching people about responsible animal husbandry. Exotic animals are often obtained as pets without enough knowledge or appreciation of their required care. Giving people this appreciation is one of the biggest and most tangible ways we can help exotic animals.
  • While we are a very small organization and do not have the facilities to run large conservation projects like breeding programs on endangered animals, we do teach about the conservation status of each animal, and the effect of humans on their welfare in the wild, be it from the pet trade or from habitat destruction at any possible opportunity.
  • The relationship between humans and animals can have a strong therapeutic effect which we bring to many nursing homes, hospitals, and special needs groups throughout the province.