Parrot Related Resources

Parrot Sanctuary (Toronto)

      This Toronto based rescue facility is devoted entirely to parrots. One of the many places in Toronto to home a companion bird.

Toronto Humane Society

While this shelter mostly serves the dog and cat community, they do also take in small exotics including parrots.

Parrot Resource Centre

Rescue birds for adoption and good information and resources for the prospective parrot owner.

York Region Parrot Club

An extremely active club of parrot owners. Cases of birds in need of homes are often circulated in their mailing list. Their club can serve as a wonderful network of informative and supporting parrot owners and has monthly meetings.

High Park Veterinary Clinic

One of the few clinics in Toronto that take in avian clients.

Dr. Markus Luckwaldt

A mobile avian and exotic veterinarian that is happy to come to your home.

Humane Society Resources and Articles

This US based website has articles that very accurately summarize the difficulties of pet parrots. Parrot Resources Page

A surprisingly good collection of resources. Highly recommended.

Ontario Veterinary College

Look up veterinarians and resources.