Hand’s on Exotics Launches GoFundMe

Have you ever wanted to have a tea party with lemurs?  What about an afternoon with kangaroos? These are some of the Reward Levels offered when supporting the Hands On Exotic’s GoFundMe campaign.

Over the past decade, Hands on Exotics, an exotic animal shelter based out of Toronto, has been rehabilitating rescue animals while providing outreach and educational programs across Ontario.

This year, Hands on Exotics is asking for the public’s support to help maintain our outreach and educational programming by supporting the Hands On Exotic’s GoFundMe Campaign.

With the public’s help, we can ensure that these animals are cared for with enriching environments, while supporting numerous outreach and educational programs across the province. With over 150 animals it can cost more than $10,000 per month.

There are various Reward Levels that supporters can unlock during this campaign, including:

  • Kangaroo Club Reward Level: Supporters and their friends can spend a day with our Kangaroos. (within Southern ON).
  • Lemur Tea Party Reward Level: Supporters will be invited to an afternoon of organic tea tasting with our lemurs (Toronto).
  • Silver Fox Reward Level: Supporters can spend a day as a zookeeper with Hands on Exotics!
  • Animal Share Reward Level: Supporters can will receive an animal therapy session at a church community center, nursing home or hospital of their choice (in Southern, ON).

A limited number of Reward Level packages are available in this GoFundMe campaign. If you have any question feel free to contact us at info@handsonexotics.com