Hands on Exotics welcomes students who wish to apply for a co-operative education placement as part of a school program or requirements. We’ve had many successful students from local high schools, Durham College, Seneca College, and more. As with our volunteers, working with us is not all about playing with animals, but involves hard work including scrubbing and disinfecting cages, cleaning poop, and other tasks necessary for the animals’ care. This opportunity will allow you to gain experience and insight into animal husbandry as you will see the inner workings of caring for a large range of exotic animals.

Application Process

If you are a staff member at a school who wishes to have Hands on Exotics as a potential employer for your co-operative education students, please email with any questions you may have and any pertinent information for setting us up as an employer.

For potential students, please email your resume and cover letter including the time frame of your potential placement with us and any important deadlines. Please make sure to include:

  • The time frame of your potential placement (i.e. which dates you will be doing your placements, required number of hours, and which days of the week and time you will be on site)
  • Information on important deadlines for interviews, starting your placement, etc.
  • Documents you may have from your school that outlines the process of being a co-op student
  • Documentation that may need to be filled out for your school

Suitable candidates will be contacted by email to arrange an interview and orientation. Hands on Exotics treats co-operative education placements as an opportunity for students to learn valuable workplace skills; thus, please approach your application with the same degree of professionalism you would for a regular job application.