Corporate & Group Volunteering Days

Want to help out but can’t commit for a set period of time? Bring your friends, family, or coworkers for a volunteer day! There are always plenty of big tasks our zookeepers need help with to further enrich our animals’ lives. We typically bring in 5+ volunteers for a full day of activities helping out around the zoo. It will be some dirty and hard work with some cute and fun tasks but this would be a great way to spend any corporate volunteer day or to do some good work with some friends!

Examples of Volunteer Day Activities

  • Full cleans of big animal pens
  • Making toys for animal enrichment
  • Creating fun pictures for promotion on our social media
  • Grooming animals
  • … and many more seasonal and “as necessary” tasks!

Application Process

If you are interested in setting up a volunteer day with your group, please email with information about your group (i.e. purpose for volunteering, number of hours, number of people) to discuss the logistics.