Donations and Support

 Hands on Exotics spares no expense looking after our animals. But with high standards of animal care come very high costs – exotic animals have very specialized environmental and diet requirements. Maintaining the standards of care that keep these animals happy involves having specialized veterinarians, specialized diets, expensive enclosures, weekly changes in toys and enrichment, and a large team of volunteers.
Since we started in 2011 we have not received any grants or loans and have pulled ourselves up entirely by our own boot straps. Our organization runs entirely on the use of our services, and on donations and volunteers.

While we do graciously accept cash donations (see the PayPal link), here are some other ways you can help.

  • Volunteer: Dedicated volunteers are both extremely valuable and extremely hard to find. From helping clean and decorate enclosures to socializing and training new animals to lending hands at events, volunteers are essential to our organization. See our volunteer page for more information. Click Here for more information.
  • Donate Items: There are all kinds of things around your house that we can make good use of!
    Needed Supplies
    Newspaper, Hay, Woodchips, and other Bedding.
    Old or unused animal supplies. This includes animal carriers to cage decorations (litters, hidy-huts, toys), cat scratch posts, foraging toys, etc.
    Kid’s toys. Our lynx, skunks, and even our parrots make great use of many toys intended for human babies and children.
  • Help spread the word about us! : Grab some posters and put them up in your local community centers, condos, and schools. Hand out some cards to your local teachers, daycare staff, friends and family.
  • Make a PayPal donation: One-time or recurring donations are extremely welcome and don’t involve having to help us clean any poop! If you would like to make a donation some other way, please email us at