Don’t feel like attending Zoo Camp as a camper? We have a few select positions available for Counsellors in Training and volunteers.


Stitch loved all parts of being a CIT including ensuring all campers are safe in the sun!

CITs are Counsellors in Training. They are to perform any task the camp requires of them. Normally a CIT would assist counsellor in programming by working closely with campers and ensuring safe interaction with animals.

They do not require any qualifications. CITs must participate for at least one full session (5 days) but do not need to commit to any more sessions. Training will be provided on the Sunday prior to camp session. This position is unpaid. CITs will be given special consideration when applying to Hands On Exotics in their future. Must be 14+, responsible, and trustworthy.

Provided that schools accept a CIT position for community hours Zoo Camp will gladly sign off for a 30 hour week.

Charlotte came all the way from England and spent a day volunteering


A volunteer performs in same duties as a CIT but may come in for a single day. Their responsibility may be limited due to lack of qualifications and/ or training. A volunteer must not interact with animals without Counsellor supervision. A volunteer may not run any zookeeping activity without a Counsellor present.

This position is open to individuals 14+ including parents.


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