Zoo Camp at Hands on Exotics is very excited to meet our campers but first meet us! Learn about our awesome team below

Camp Director

Our Director is passionate about the environment. She is a beekeeper, vegan, and environmentalist!

Avery Harte

Camp Nickname: Baloo

Avery has wanted to work with animals all her life. In high school she worked at a vet clinic and in university worked at multiple pet stores. She discovered her passion for animal education while working at Jungle Cat World’s Safari Zoo Camp for 4 years. Since then Avery has enrolled in teacher’s college at the University of Western and is pursuing a PhD in informal science education with a focus on the role of animals in education.

In her spare time Avery cares for her 16 tarantulas, scorpion, 3 lizards, snake, and dog, most of whom are rescues. She also enjoys beekeeping, board games, and snowboarding. Avery is loving everything about camp and teaching campers all about the wonderful world of animals!


Even staff grow and learn at camp! Jazzy has found a new love of birds

Head Staff

Stephanie Jones

Camp Nickname: Jazzy

Stephanie is a student at the University of Guelph studying horses. She hopes to get into animal therapy later in life. Before attending university she worked as a nanny for a year in Sydney, Australia, which is why her favourite animal is the kangaroo! Stephanie has worked at various other summer camps and has taught jazz (hence the nickname Jazzy), ballet, hip hop, and Zumba. She is so excited to bring her passion for animals and dance to camp this summer!



Meet Fabio, our male camp counsellor. He is sporting the lovely Ginny (a scarlet ibis) as a hat!

Camp Counsellor

Brayden Copelin

Camp Nickname: Fabio 

Brayden is another one of our camp counsellors. His favourite animal is the black bear. He is super excited to see all the campers’ reactions to meeting all of our amazing zoo residents for the first time and seeing how thrilled they will be to learn about them! An interesting fact about Brayden is that he spent a month in Bermuda studying marine biology even though he is a student at the University of Guelph in Business Studies.



Camp Counsellor

This is Snorlax, one of our female camp counsellors. Two words that best describe her are quirky and crafty

Adrianne Harte

Camp Nickname: Snorlax

Adrianne is a recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh and is super excited to be involved as a camp counsellor at Zoo Camp at Hands on Exotics. She has attended zoo camps as a child and spent time as a camp counsellor at other camps during her teen years. Summer camp has been an important aspect for Adrianne for over 9 years and she can’t wait to help other have similarly positive experiences.

Growing up in a household with many pets, Adrianne has grown up with a love of animals big and small. While her favourite animal is the dog, she’s looking forward to continuing her animal education and learning about conservation with the campers.